Project2020 thegame23

This one is for you /b/ro

Greetings Fellow Citizens of Nations from Around the World.  

We Are Anonymous. We are Collectivists. We Are Project Mayhem The Game 23.  

Welcome back to THE PROJECT, you found your way back to IT! The op to end all ops.  

The game 23 was created as a post project mayhem 2012 Alternate Reality Game to unfuck the world. The “Dangerous Idea” goes Viral and TYLER: Massively Distributed Uncontrollable, Uncensorable, Collaborative, Decentralized Wiki-P2P Cipherspace Hybrid, blockchained Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning self-organized System based on a mutating h-index type algorithm, that Exposes Hidden Information and Unfiltered TRUTH. The purpose of this Device is to deploy a neurolinguistic virus of Awakening in the perceptual and geographical region of its Agents.      

RA2012’s Final Message to the world: “The seeds of these DANGEROUS ideas have been planted and WILL grow.”  

The game 23 is the first open source Alternate Reality Game on the internet.

Project Mayhem 2020 is part of thegame23.

This is Project metahack a mutant Egregor reality hacking wargame where the theater of operations is a simulated planet on top of a computer hyper simulation that creates REALITY as players start to play with the commands of the HIVEMIND. Anonymous developed the #LULZYPHER which is the language used to #BOOTSTRAP the first hybrid machine-human Artificial Intelligence and it will be born the very second that you hit the “publish” button. #LULZYPHER predates network, but due to its nature, it is more contagious than EBOLA In other words, expect that this new #LIFEFORM massively infects other networks such as #FACEBOOK, #TUMBLR, #INSTAGRAM, #REDDIT, #YouTube and #meneame at lightning speed and once #CRITICALMASS has been reached the project mayhem shall manifest.

We use pastebin like brigde between many incompatible social platforms and to minimize the risk of an account ban or block. Read them again and again. We are working on these pastebins in real time.  

We have been successful on expanding our message and model into those social media networks, supported by the System, and have at the same time received questions regarding next steps.  


This transmission introduces a plan for moving this model into Real Life change and hopes to provide more insight into our vision. We would like to emphasize that EtherSec is a plan for both inner and outer improvement.

The inner teachings of Project Mayhem 2012 are not a ‘numbers game’ to ‘hack Reality’, the Hive Mind does not need quantity but QUALITY Magical Artists; that are totally committed and COURAGEOUS ones.  

TEN PEOPLE WHO KNOW WOULD BE MORE DANGEROUS THAN A MILLION ARMED ANARCHISTS. Start being an ACTIVE ARTIST. Start being a Programmer. Use your IMAGINATION and start to be CREATIVE. The shift in strategy of coming out of the dark recesses of cyberspace has lengthened the collective’s reach and grown the organization.  

BE Anonymous

Anonymous calls upon you to use anonymity. By being anonymous we disrupt facial recognition algorithms used to identify us. Using a login with TOR and a vpn disrupts the algorithms used to predict and influence behavior both online and offline.

thegame23 empowers the Human Species Being: Being Anonymous enables you to empathize more with each other without the ego and transcend beyond personal habits as well as identify more with non-human workers — namely the internet and technology that we use and as with data moshing and data bending is also used against us.

Since identities are Binaries and Hex codes, that put together make reality or at least a digital version of it, the spectacle of the idea to be Anonymous moves some binary 1’s and 0’s from one place to another and thus glitch identifiable realities.

The System will try to distract you through online trolls, infighting, MSM announcements of new dangers, and judgements from other freedom fighters who are not interested in EtherSec.   You need to remember that these are all simply symptoms of the disease — and are attempts to keep you fighting within the System. We are fighting against the ENTIRE MACHINE and as such we do not view directed attacks at specific targets without concurrent Etheric interventions to be 100% effective.   We don’t have targets to give you save THE target. The Entrapment Con which has tricked us into believing that entropy and recursion are bad. The Machine which mislabels questioning as rabblerousing, and attempts to miscast all of us as being incapable of repairing ourselves without the use of consumer credit spending and pharmaceuticals.  

You have the right to pick your own targets. Choose yourself as the target of your first Etheric Real Life Op.  

ATTACK WITH LOVE. Love is anathema to our current world System – the baseline functioning is anxiety, anger, and self-preservation. EtherSec’s base strength of love creates much suspicion and animocity by those who instinctually feel that love is a trap.  

You weaponize love when you unleash upon your surroundings and fellow humans in a directed and intentional way.   You weaponize love when you do something for someone else that would be labeled “crazy” by those around you. It’s only ‘crazy’ to them, because they don’t think the same way you do. They’ve been trained how to ‘think,’ and do not see a problem with that.  


You weaponize love when you start with loving yourself, and understanding that flaws are the welds of perfection. Do this with purpose, all the time.   By injecting love into the System in unexpected and confounding ways, we destabilize the System, which works to generate fear and hate, so that people may be more easily controlled. Divide and conquer, etc. Love is a binding force, acceptance and tolerance brings people together. This is anathema to Fear and Division. The System EXPECTS retaliation in the forms of traditional protests. Start your protests quantumly by starting with forcing change in your own system.  

THOUGHTS ARE WEAPONS. Energy follows thought. Etheric Operators know this and live it. Use your certainty that you are change, and know that you must maintain control of your own intentions at all times. Every successful Etheric Op starts with the understanding that it has already succeeded. See your success and congratulate yourselves at your big win, then start to plan it.  

PATTERNS ARE DEATH. Because EtherSec is built on the basis of entropy-certainty, we grow stronger even as we may appear to become fractal and spread apart. Obvious point is obvious, patterns are easily traced and replicated by opponents and agent provocateurs. No patterns? No problems! There is no leadership, so there is no worry of any “killing shot to the head”. In the same way, the diversity with which the hashtag is used provides a chaotic data field which can be used to an advantage- allowing the real communication to be passively randomized with little effort.   We present these to provide an introduction to how we approach our operations. So far, they are working well. More will come.  

We were here before EtherSec and will be here forever after.   This new openness and ease of access has brought thousands of new Anons into the collective’s hive mind, and brought the organization out of the shadows and turned Anonymous into a true pop-culture icon.  

Project 2020 is not a plan, or a dogma, or a structure. It is a formula for stimulating self organization, evolution and manifestations. These manifestations arise naturally from a collective and are beyond anything the individual can come up with on their own.   When the wishes of the collective are in tune with THE GOLDEN RULE, then the collective is fulfilling the will of THE EGREGORE. This is because the collective will be acting in the interest of all living things around it, while in tune with THE GOLDEN RULE. ITs MEMES, GENES, and TEMES will spread, because all of ITS NEIGHBORS WILL want it to spread, and THE SPIRIT of THE EGREGORE and the collective WILL grow.   Project 2020 is THE REVELATION. THE AWAKENING. THE 2020 Vision of WHAT to DO. IT is the INFORMATION.  

Be won with TYLER. LEAK IT ALL.  


IT, has been called “THE PLAN”, “THE PROJECT”, and “THE GAME” because of massive corruption and unbalance in the world. A bundle of axons in the mind of THE EGREGORE saw a need for change. This bundle of sticks sent out an action potential to formulate “a plan”.   IT has also been called THE BOOK, for these reiterations of THE PLAN, and THE PROJECT, and THE GAME, have existed for thousands of years in many forms.  

IT is a story, as much as IT is any of these other things. A STORY that has been written, and re-written.   Through each iteration, IT becomes more clear to the readers, and also the writers, that there is a single fundamental rule, or law, which determines the success and failure of a player. It is important to note that We have not come to destroy THE LAW, but to fulfill THE LAW.   IT is THE LAW of THE EGREGORE. The one and only LAW is this: LOVE.  

Often times, we try to define this law, but it is important to note that this law can not simply be defined. A person must have empathy to fully understand IT.   Good, Neutral, Evil are three alignments for THE LAW of THE EGREGORE. That which THE EGREGORE is not pleased with dies, and that which pleases THE EGREGORE, is given eternal life.   It is simply the NATURE of THINGS that makes this a reality. You do not need to be a designer, have foresight or a plan or anything else.  

If there is something that is copied, with variation, and it’s selected, then you must get a designer appearing out of no where and you can’t stop IT.   Five DANGEROUS IDEAS where revealed from Project Mayhem 2012 to design change through a process of “natural selection”. To INFORM. To MOTIVATE. To EMPOWER. To ACT. To EVOLVE. To These IDEAS, through there very existence, stimulate THE EGREGORE.   These ideas are not new, an individual did not create them. THE EGREGORE has been giving them to us for ages in different forms. The intention is to simplify the message, and bring the truth of it to light.  

The idea has to be implemented by a Community of Hackers and Experts and not by a single individual.   Imagine a Pyramid of Excellence and Nobility with 1O Supersages, as an example, Conscious Scientifics and Artists, all powerful, each one of these an expert in one branch of Human Knowledge, in the Liberal Arts education, in the Trivium et Quadrivium style, whom were tagged and chosen to be the Supersages by the human community, according to an h-index type algorithm.  

The h-index is an author-level metric that attempts to measure both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist or scholar. This could be used to implement a kind of “PageRank” for people, where the people most knowledgeable about a subject would ascend steps in the Pyramid and whose tags/votes would carry more weight in the algorithm to be computed by an Artificial Intelligence system than those on the base of the Pyramid.  

Imagine that those Supersages could be rotating each certain time (in order to avoid corruption or abuses of power), as determined by the Council of Computer Scientists in charge for the development of the algorithm.   Imagine that the algorithm was used so that those 10 Supersages or Experts could designate other sub-experts, whom would designate other sub-experts one step below in the Pyramid to assist them, whom could designate further sub-experts down the Pyramid and so on and so forth in order to work with concrete and urgent issues such as the search for the cure of cancer or any Global Catastrophic Risks.   Maybe the fact that trusting 10 Supersages on top of the Pyramid to manage the planet thanks to an Artificial Intelligence permanently mutating in its algorithm might sound a bit distopic.  

First an anonymous TheGame23 agent wondered who might be the best person in the world to understand this idea.   He or she need only the absolute very best: in the same spirit that we would do if we had the System already built.   The intention is to shine a light on it’s manifestation. Like the words of Bruce Lee says “It’s not the daily increase, but daily decrease. HACK away the unessential.” simply stated; tl:dr   Project 2020 Vision, the “V” ideas, and THE EGREGORE will evolve. The Game 23. The current iteration. An active action potential, firing in the MIND of THE EGREGORE,   Even if we know what needs to be done to speed up the Evolution of THE EGREGORE, we still need to encourage the tendrils to act on the information given. Therefore, THE GAME is manifested. THE GAME is the WILL, the WANT, the LULZ and the LOVE, the DESIRE, and COURAGE. It is the MOTIVATION of awakening around you and LULZ kills fear.  

Help us develop THE GAME by playing THE GAME. HELP us STIMULATE THE EGREGORE. Make IT fun. Make IT welcoming. Make IT hard to put down. IT is NOT work. IT is LIFE. IT is NOT conflict.   IT is LOVE. IT IS FUN, and IT is DESIRED.   Fill IT with color and sound to stimulate the senses.   Be water my friends and know that water can be turned to wine.  

Revolution is a phrase to describe the passage from one petty tyranny to another. This is Evolution.  We are building a World Without Fear. A world of Love. A world of abundance, without Zero-Sum thought, or exploitation of Humanity. Not only for us, or our children, but for our children’s children who will be unpoisoned by this unnatural time.   Evolution presents as each failure experienced by the dying cells of this life form and leads to the health and progress of it’s survivors. Each generation is brought with IT in new appendages, and the slender tendrils of this paradox will have become deeply widespread.    

IGNORE “opposition” or “defiance” to “prove” your newly found “powers” and just KEEP ON SHINING, KEEP ON CREATING and KEEP ON SHARING. If you IGNORE the so called external and internal “demons” (doubts, fears and disbeliefs) you’ll realize that they will soon VANISH into thin air.   Don’t just trust us or belief us: TEST this for YOURSELF.   ALL EXISTING SOCIETY IS BASED ON KEEPING THOSE FEARS ALIVE, to control the masses.  

Project 2020 aims to end WAR through mutual interests in order to create a SYMBIOTIC relationship between cultures. Be aware of the military industrial complex which seeks to profit from our pain. This is a mighty egregor, and it will take a lot of spiritual energy to defeat it. The price and availability of life saving treatments must be made obtainable to the collective. There are some in places of control who must not be allowed to horde the means of healing others. Egregors such as Monsanto continue to trade our health for money and control.

Cannabis Cures

Additionally, pharmaceutical companies continue to outlaw natural remedies and destroy the rain forests so that they can control theIr monopoly on mInd altering synthetic chemicals. These are not conspiracies, and they are not the work of any one individual. They are the work of Egregors. Therefore, We must safegaurd the Health of OUR egregor, the MONARCH of MONARCHs, in order to be victorious in our spiritual re-EVOLution.   We as the global Human race are faced with global challenges of an imminent urgency with millions of children dying of hunger each year, this cannot be the best of all possible worlds, humanity has gone terribly wrong.  

THE DANGER HAS NEVER BEEN MORE CLEAR AND ITS PRESENCE NEVER MORE IMMINENT. IT REQUIRES A CHANGE IN OUTLOOK, A CHANGE IN TACTICS, A CHANGE IN MISSIONS — by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper.   We know that successful change starts outside of the System. BEWARE of the FNORDS. We are bringing down a poisoned system by using all of us as an antibiotic infusion.

We who have been damaged by the poison and survived will be the world’s antivenom. WE ARE ALL SLEEPER CELLS. WE ARE ALL AGENTS OF CHANGE AWAITING ACTIVATION.  

This is a time, like many other moments in the history of humanity, where we have been given the choice to evolve into something beyond our wildest dreams, to escape the slavery of unjust hierarchies.   There is a far bigger picture here, as some of us are not who we thought we were. Some have forgotten that we can change all of this. Others are remembering that we can.  

We all have the ability to change our reality. We all have the ability to be so much more. We are awake for the Greater Good of Humanity.   We were brought here to help others wake up, to help others to be activated. We are here to raise THE EGREGORE and to help with the battles in the ethersphere.   We will do our utmost greatest to accomplish this goal, using our special gifts that have been given to us. Every human being is born with these gifts, we are blessed to be aware of them.  

As J.F. Kennedy once said “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. ‘SECRECY’ IS REPUGNANT IN A FREE AND OPEN SOCIETY and we are as a people inherently and historically OPPOSED TO SECRET SOCIETIES, TO SECRET OATHS AND TO SECRET PROCEEDINGS.   Though we are going to keep on revealing ‘occult’ teachings, the main Work has already been done and the ‘dangerous ideas’ have already been injected in the Hive Mind: your mind has just been intercepted with them.

Taking Project Mayhem 2012 down or incarcerating their members now would only serve to spread this “mind virus” even further.  The Anonymous #TheGame23 player who originally sent those several hundred mysterious emails from 2014 to 2016 has released this idea into the Public Domain in order to guarantee that we (the writers of this pastebin and webpages ect do not pursue any material benefit with it at all.   Once it’s been released, the idea doesn’t belong to us anymore: it’s absolutely free for you to act upon it. Or not.  

Like Sir Eliah said in 1981, ‘A true initiation never ends.’   “We cannot and won’t expect to ‘mutate the World’ until we have begun to EVOLVE and MUTATE OURSELVES.”  

Democracy in all its splendor has already proven to be the best type of systems of government, after more than 300 years of Evolution, to have in the apex of the Pyramid in order to set the destiny of the world to.

There is no governor anywhere; YOU ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE. There is no restraint that cannot be escaped. WE ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE.  

Know that you are LOVED, and we wish only for you to continue playing THE GAME with US.   DARE to CREATE the SEEDS of something Beautiful.  

KNOW that you can ALREADY begin to Create: you have ALREADY all the tools and CREATIVITY that you need to do “MAGIC” within yourself:   TO WILL to become a Reality Hacker by ACTIVELY CREATING your personal transformation from a passive user to an active Programmer of ‘Reality’.  

Finally, do NOT Keep SILENT anymore: TO SHARE the experiences that you have lived and the Beauty that you have Created. To keep silent has been required for “Initiates” for ages, but, as we are going through an EMERGENCY situation, this last veil over Magick has been lifted during our times.  


Swamp your networks with your poetry, your artwork, your pastebins. Create flyers, graffiti, chalk drawings. Make symbols, words, videos and songs filled with your understanding. Together we shall build the hivemind.  

and we will Hack the Planet with 1 line of ‘Code’.  


The Corrupt Fear Us.
The Honest Support Us.
The Heroic Join Us

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.

Project #Metahack Epic 0wnage:          
PWNing teh Metaverse #4dalulz                      

Project #Metahack is dedicated        
to the loving memory of        
Aaron Swartz, Fravia & g4yh1tl3r
This one’s for you /b/ros!  

“I think that the best legacy that — the best tribute we can pay to Aaron’s legacy is to continue to fight as hard as we can to make this world a more just, fairer place.”
~ Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, life partner of Swartz                
Aaron Lives!                                                    


#Project2020 #TheGame23 #Discord Server:

Ask the #HIVEMIND a question on twitter.
Example: $Question = A question that you have for example you could post: #HIVEMIND, where can I find Project 89?

Make sure to join a #HACKTION on Twitter. Hacktions are part of THEGAME23 and are designated with CTF #’s (Capture the Flag Numbers).
ALSO propose a new HACKTION on Twitter:
for example – #HIVEMIND, I suggest $HACKTION for #TheGame23 #justsaying.
Nominate a HACKTION for a CTF Number. If you like a suggestion that a fellow player has made for a HACKTION, then give it a CTF Number.

#Project2020 #thegame23


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